Printing this sword was another challenge for us. Not because the design itself was extremely difficult or we needed special materials, but because we wanted to have it in “natural” size – for being used as a part of a costume.

The original design looks more or less like this:

Of course, we couldn’t print it in one piece with the printer which maximum working space is 24x26x26 cm. And we don’t have another one (yet?). For this reason, we decided to “cut” the original model into several parts, prepare separate .stl files and print it one by one:








And the whole sword:

It took us a few days to print all of it. The longest part was printed 17 hours!!

The next step was to connect all the parts and to add the handle. We planned to add a wooden spine joining the whole.

In the beginning, we broke one of the parts and we had to print the spare one:

Finishing works looked like this:

And the final result like this: