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Olena Horhol

I make landscapes. I create things which I can see around me. It’s pretty obvious but not everyone notices it.

Sometimes I merely document a scene. On other occasions, I attempt to “cut out” the most unnoticeable, unimportant piece and make it self-sufficient, put it into the spotlight. Often, my works contain a composition, a pattern of light and shade, shape and form, color and contrast. But sometimes, a surface is enough (ground, snowfield, the reflection in the water). The challenge is to capture details in a minimalistic composition. To do that, I use texture – thin, fat, protruding strokes of paint – to emphasize the shape, to capture the color.

I have a diploma of a textile artist. During my studies, I used to work with fabric and filaments. Now, I try to mix these skills with painting. This way, a texture of a brushwork looks like a set of threads. I weave a tapestry on canvas.

My goal is to perfect my pieces as much as I can, so people realize that this is not a low-effort painting, not an etude, but a carefully prepared, enhanced composition.

Like a tapestry.

3-14 December 2022

Kaflarnia, Wadowice

Exhibition Preview