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Exhibitions / Concerts


Exhibitions / Concerts


ArtLiD Project Group
10 November – 10 December 2023

An exhibition of phtography, paintings and animations prepared as a summary of the study visit on Madeira island done by the group of young artists participating in the ArtLiD project. 

Forest Landscapes

Mateusz Kołodziejczyk
16 June – 15 July 2023

I am involved in several artistic fields, through which I can both fulfil myself creatively and convey a message.

Mission Zambia - a living world

Paulina Okręglicka
20 May – 15 June 2023


Olena Horhol
3 – 24 December 2022

I make landscapes. I create things which I can see around me. It’s pretty obvious but not everyone notices it.

Stasik Jazz Music

Edyta Stasik,
Tomasz Kupiec, Andrzej Niedzielin, Łukasz Sobczyk

10 March 2023