Resources for IoT workshops

SCIMODO: The IoT Platform for Science Education

The platform provides teachers and students with hands-on STEM science education activities. It offers science projects and lesson plans across specific class grades and science subjects. Students get access to creative and inspiring projects that require them to build, code, learn, and collaborate in the interconnected world of software, hardware, electronics, and engineering.


Tallinn University provides know-how to 19 schools on the implementation of sensor sets for turning their “dumb” school house into a smart one. Using these sets in teaching and learning raises students’ interest towards technology, related knowledge and solving real life problems, thus making learning STEM subjects more engaging and down-to-earth. Tallinn University assists schools in creating learning scenarios and helps to promote the “Smart School House” community.


Supports active STEM learning based on real IoT projects consisting of 3 main pillars:

IoT Kits to build and connect a set of devices to the Internet; Pedagogical Framework – detailed STEM lessons following the REALISE-EXPERIMENT-APPLY-REFLECT scenarios; Technical Support for teachers, educational organisations and students in the form of webinars, seminars, detailed tutorials and online chat.

Arm University Program Education Kits

A suite of Education Kits in a range of core subjects relevant to Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering, Computer Science and beyond. The Kit comprises a full set of teaching materials including lecture slides and lab manuals with solutions.

Vernier Scientific Technology for Educators & Students

The Vernier technologies comprise high-quality sensors, experiments, and resources for a  classroom or laboratory that enable students to explore science in new ways. The mission of the company is to encourage scientific curiosity in all students ranging from elementary school to college.


Wyliodrin’s mission is to make the Internet of Things accessible to educators and students of all ages and all backgrounds. With the Wyliodrin solutions you can get started and prototype simple IoT applications. Those with deeper interests in this field can then move to the next level and use Wyliodrin’s professional solutions to develop, deploy and update applications for industrial IoT systems.


Arduino Education creates the next generation of STEAM programs that empower students on their learning journey through middle school, high school, and university. The Arduino products consist of four fundamental components, which together guarantee a smooth, relevant, and engaging learning experience: Hardware & Components, Online Learning Content, Dedicated Support and Community of makers.

Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is a credit-card sized computer that can plug into your TV and a keyboard which was found for the intention of teaching basic concepts in schools. It is a portable little computer that can be used in electronic projects, and for many of the things that your desktop PC does, like spreadsheets, word-processing and games.