A Skriware printer let us make first steps into 3D prototyping so we can definitely recommend it for beginner projects although the machine needed replacement after first round of experiments.

Skriware educational ecosystem consists of hardware and software solutions that create hands-on experience to teach STEAM interdisciplinary skills to students in classrooms or at home.

Some of the features of Skriware 3D printer which make it a good choice:

  • User oriented interface
  • Automatic material detection
  • Live camera feed
  • Dual extruder
  • Extended materials support
  • Removable, heated PEI bed
  • Direct access to 3D models libraries

Educational resources

  • E-learning STEAM platform with interactive courses
  • Modular 3D-printed robots (Skribots) that anyone can build and program
  • Skribots App: For coding Skribots with block interface
  • Skribots Creator: For designing and prototyping your own Skribots before printing