3D printing offers almost limitless scope for imagination – and this is particularly the case in furniture design.

Consider this case which is one of the inspirations behind this project.

Designer Jon Christie created a table and chairs using hybrid 3D printing technology – offering flexibility, modernity and reduced time/cost wastage. He’s been exploring how to merge traditional furniture manufacturing with cutting-edge 3D print technology.

In his designs for both tables and chairs, Christie has seamlessly blended authentic craftsmanship with modernist design. By using 3D printing, he’s been able to create pieces that are not only flexible and funky but also cost-effective.

Through experimentation with a variety of materials, and mastering several new CAD software packages, he finally found the right combination for his furniture – and when showcasing the final designs as part of his degree, he selected a natural white Polyamide, which offers a good contrast against the walnut.

Christie claims that 3D printing makes it possible to design with much greater freedom. More complicated geometry or sculptural forms suddenly become possible, and it’s also far easier to prototype quickly or manufacture to a high standard.

Additionally, the chair and table can be tailored to the customer’s tastes – at a minimal cost. The design allows users to customize color, dimensions, and choice of hardwood.

Jon Christie’s designs demonstrate just how effective 3D printing can be in furniture design; not only in terms of innovation but also practicality. To hear Christie talk more about his work visit his website or watch him in this video: