5 Simple Ways to Inspire Lifelong Learners With Tech

A good grade should never be the sole indicator of student success—while good grades show that a student is focused and hardworking, the true mark of success is when students are inspired to continue learning outside of the classroom walls. The best teachers are those who inspire lifelong learners. Teachers who use technology to expose their students to the latest, cutting-edge ways to consume and produce work are able to inspire this desire to be a lifelong learner.

Here are five ways that educators can use technology to engage, excite, and inspire their students, turning them into learners for life.

LET THEM PUT PEN TO SCREEN  Whether students are literally using a smart pen or typing out thoughts and ideas with word processing software, putting a pen to the computer screen or smart board can be captivating for students.

Allowing students to interact with technology in a physical way can enhance their digital experience and help them to feel connected to their work. Technology is always evolving, and teaching students to be well versed and comfortable with all forms of technology at a young age sets them up for success later in life.

 LET THEM CAPTURE THEIR WORLD  Taking and sharing videos has become as simple as pressing a button or two on a cell phone that most students likely already have. Not only does this allow students to share their personal viewpoint, but bringing video into the classroom gives students a chance to teach—they can use video to teach others about something that interests them.

Everyone has interests, and the ability to learn more about and share those interests with others in a creative way is empowering.

LET THEM DIG TO DISCOVER PASSIONS  Researching with technology has become the standard in education. Students who are taught to research well by finding and using legitimate sources are not only more prepared for harder research projects as they get older, but it gives them a tool to help discover their passions.

When students are passionate about an area of study, they are more likely to continue learning about that topic. Teaching students how to take advantage of the vast resource they have at their fingertips—the Internet—inspires them to keep learning.

Bringing video into the classroom gives Ss a chance to teach peers about their passions #passionbasedlearning

LET THEM COLLABORATE VIRTUALLY  Virtual classroom collaboration is a growing trend across the globe. Whole classrooms of students are video conferencing with sister classrooms in foreign countries to exchange ideas, compare differences, and find similarities with other children worldwide.

When students are able to broaden their perspective, they realize how interconnected the world really is. Interacting with and learning from others helps students to open their minds, which is key to becoming a lifelong learner.

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LET THEM TRAVEL WITHOUT LEAVING HOME  Send your students to the moon. And Morocco. And Machu Picchu. Exposing students to new places, cultures, and customs allows them to explore the world without ever leaving their seat. Engaging students in this way can inspire them to continue discovering and learning about the world around them. Get some ideas with these ten virtual field trips to explore the world!